5 easy tips to WOW your clients July 15 2015

The best way to stand out from your competition is to go above and beyond the level of service normally found in our industry.  If you’re looking for some innovative new ideas that will impress your clients and keep them coming back for more, we’re here to help! 
Clive and Co., the award-winning salon founded by FrameSavers co-founder Clive Lamb, offers 5 easy tips that are sure to delight your guests!
1.  Turn routine shampoos into a spa-like experience.  Relax and pamper your guests by creating a shampoo/massage that is unique to your salon.  Create a custom blend of cleansing/conditioning products suited to the individual needs of your client. Gently lather, than massage temples, head, and neck for a few minutes. Your clients won’t want to leave the chair!
 2.   Treat regular clients like new clients. Never assume that long-time clients want   the          ‘same old’ service each time they visit. Provide ALL clients a consultation before    their service.  Ask what they liked or didn’t like about their current cut or color and find   out what ‘look’ they would like to achieve. LISTEN to what your customer says then    discuss exactly what you are going to do to ensure they receive their desired look.   
3.  Remember that when your client is in the chair, it’s THEIR TIME. Your sole focus    should be on your client 100% of the time. Obviously chatting with a co-worker about    your evening plans is never okay.  Here’s a great way to take this approach to the    next level:      If your client’s service is interrupted by someone who needs to speak to you, have the ‘interrupter’ gently touch your client’s shoulder, address them by name, and personally excuse themselves for the interruption of their time.  
4.  Treat your clients like they are guests in your home. When moving clients to    different areas of you salon, instead of directing them -or worse- pointing the way, personally escort them.  Whether it’s to the restroom, shampoo bowl, changing    rooms or front desk, clients should always be personally escorted. Take it a step     further and carry their purse, briefcase, coat or other belongings!  
 5.  MAIL a Thank-You card to every new customer. Really? Snail Mail?  YES! First impressions are everything. Taking the time to hand-write and mail a personal message shows new clients how much you care about them and appreciate their business. Go beyond just thanking them - let them know that if they’re not 100% happy with their service, come back and you’ll make it right!