A minute with Abby September 02 2015

It’s all about Education!

 Our parent company, Clive and Co.’s  brand is defined by quality and consistency.  The only way to achieve this is by having a successful ongoing education program in place. Teaching is Clive’s passion. He has over 30 years experience as an international educator.  From this experience, he has developed a comprehensive, hands-on education program that trains both existing and new members of the Clive and Co.  We rely on our experienced team leaders to help teach these classes.  

Because we believe strongly in education - we simply LOVE to share it! 

So, we’re adding a NEW monthly feature to the FrameSavers site - ‘A Minute with Abby!’ So, who’s Abby and what’s she going to do ‘in a minute?’  

Abby is the lead colorist and Clive and Co.   She provides the training for the apprentices as well as the color team.  Abby is from Bedford, England (as if you couldn’t tell from her accent). 

‘A minute with Abby‘ is a series of short video clips where Abby will be sharing some great ‘color’ tips for hairdressers.  At Clive and Co. they do things differently.  They believe that hair is best at its most natural state. Because of this, the way they do color is different than most salons. How? 

We’ll leave it to Abby explain that! 

So check back each month to see ‘what’s up’ with Abby.  You’ll be sure to walk away with some GREAT TIPS and practices that will save you and your salon time and money, enhance your clients experience (FrameSavers, anyone?) and leave your clients with simply amazing hair!