A minute with Abby...weaving techniques November 17 2015


In this feature of “A Minute with Abby” she focuses on three weaving techniques, all of which create different custom finishes.

The natural weaving technique will give the hair seamless highlights that look like the sun has naturally highlighted the hair. Highlighting began because people liked what the sun did to their hair naturally. This technique was made exactly for that!

The textured weave will help accentuate specific areas of your style, to give a variation in texture and contrast. It can also be combined within a natural highlight to give brightness where needed.

The slicing technique can be used in several different ways and can also be combined with the other two weaving techniques. Slicing gives a more solid line of color, and can be used in highlighting, paneling, ombre, or any type of blending. 

All three techniques help create unique finishes to give a signature look to any classic or creative haircut.