Culture is your salon's "belief system" January 21 2016

Ahhhh..... The start of a brand new year. Time to reflect on the things we did right last year and to figure out how we can do it even better this year. Budgets, incentives, staffing, education, retail offerings, advertising - all of these things are important pieces of a successful business. But there’s something more - something intangible that not many salon owners ever think about. 

And it can make or break your business. It’s CULTURE.

Every salon should strive to create its own unique culture. Culture is your salon’s ‘belief system’. It’s a set of values, beliefs and goals that your entire team creates and subscribes to. Culture needs to be cultivated and not just left to happenstance. It should be carefully nurtured and grown into a formidable force that gives the team a unique identity that sets you apart from the rest. It sets a tone for a cohesive working environment and gives the team something to believe in, something to stand for and something to remain loyal to.

When your culture is strong, ‘new blood’ is more likely to identify with the positive influence of the culture that surrounds them. They are less likely to create a ‘negative wave’ but instead be pulled into the positive atmosphere by the sheer strength and cohesiveness of that culture. It’s all about creating an environment of honesty and ownership. And it goes beyond just how the way the staff conducts itself. It includes how you run your business and the way you do hair. All of these should be a part of your belief system - or your brand.

The way you do hair can be integrated into your culture. It could be a signature ‘style’ or a specific disciplined approach to the way your clients look when they leave your salon.Therefore, your belief system in the way you do hair becomes another part of the ‘big picture’ - your unique culture and your unique brand.

Now imagine an environment where every person in the salon had exactly the same training, belief system, and level of integrity towards everything they do on a daily basis. Imagine a culture of disciplined people, thoughts and actions. This ‘strength in numbers’ creates an incredibly strong team, but it also gives individuals a reason for being there. It creates a sense of belonging. This feeling is something that cannot be taken with them when they leave. It’s not something that can be translated to another salon or company. It’s an entity that not only keeps your clients, but also is a reason for your staff not to leave.

As you can see, there’s something quite ‘magical’ about Culture. It can lift your business up to new heights as easily as it can bring you down. The best thing about your salon’s culture is that you get to decide what it is. Don’t let it just happen. Create it, nurture and grow it and watch your business thrive in the process!

Here’s to a successful and prosperous 2016 - Cheers!