Do I need to purchase FrameSavers™ in different sizes to fit different eyewear?

Not at all.  FrameSavers™ are designed to be one-size-fits most, making them a great value! They will fit virtually any pair of women's or men's prescription or reading glasses.


How do they work?

Simply slide a single FrameSavers™ sleeve over each stem or "arm" of a pair of eyeglasses before a color or chemical service. Eyewear is protected from chemicals, dyes and moisture, and your client can enjoy the freedom to read, work or make calls while processing.  FrameSavers™ are an amenity that they'll appreciate, and make YOU look great.


Are they reusable?

FrameSavers are made from disposable poly plastic.  Since sleeves are exposed to chemicals and dyes during a service, they are intended to be single use only.


What pack sizes do they come in? 

FrameSavers™ are available in 3 convenient sizes: 100/pack, 300/pack and our 500-count value pack. 

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